About K9 Advantix II

Terrific Product!

This is the best dog medicine against all outdoor pests! I've tried them all and even when I was using the Frontline Advantage, mosquitos still had my dog scratching all day. Love that K9 Advantix II takes care of him all the way!

Works Great!

This is the best dog medicine against all outdoor pests! I've tried them all and even when I was using the Frontline Advantage, mosquitos still had my dog scratching all day. Love that K9 Advantix II takes care of him all the way!

We love this!

I have a German Shepard/Boxer mix who weighs 39 lbs. I bought the 21-55 lb two months ago and it works great! He was on Revolution (which is a flea, tick, & heartworm med all in one) from our old vet and he was getting bit by fleas daily and had 10+ enormous sores from his front legs to his back legs, so we took him back to the vet - they claimed that he was bit by a beetle, so we took him to a new vet, and they said the Revolution wasn't working. Switched him to this - the sores all healed within two weeks and he's as healthy and as flea and tick free as can be and we live back in the woods with a pond!!

Beyond wonderful for fleas, and NIH says the same for ticks!

Our two dogs became infested with fleas a couple years ago. We tried a ton of different medications, and were about to 'bomb' the house when our vet recommended K9 Advantix. Within one week there were NO fleas, not on the dogs, not in the house. Before using K9 Advantix, I'd sit at night picking fleas off our one poodle, and we were desperate for a solution. This is a fabulous product. As we didn't have experience with ticks or mosquitos when using this product, I can't comment on them, but for fleas, this is the best. I was told by a salesperson at Petsmart that Advantix has a repellant in it besides something to kill the fleas, and Frontline, its main competitor, has only a flea killer, which won't work until the flea bites the dog.

In addition, I found a review by the NIH regarding the two medications for ticks and I quote an excerpt from the abstract: "The number of live ticks on the control dogs ranged from a geo. mean of 12.0 to 29.5 ticks per dog during the study. Percent efficacy for the K9 Advantix group ranged from 84.0 to 98.5 % between test days 3 and 35. Percent efficacy for the Frontline Plus group ranged from -28.1 to 56.8% during the corresponding period."

K9 Month advantix blue

I have used this product on my dog before and it works quite well however I do not believe that any flea and tick product is 100%. My dod still gets an occiasional tick but has not had problems with fleas. We live on 15 acres with lots of weeds and hay so their are a large number of ticks out there. This the first time I ordeered it online had some problems with shipping but the company took care of it quickly and refunded my shipping and sent an extra month supply which I think ws more then generous.


On my short haired dog it left greasy spots for at least a week that then collected every bit of dirt and left black spots on his fur that didn't go away until he was bathed. Had no problems on my malamute though.

Works Well

Tick season is here. Went for a walk and found 24 ticks on Bubba. Not one while using Advantix.

Best product on the market

I used Frontline, K9 Advantix 100 and Advantage before, not of them repelled ticks and I had to remove ticks every day after our hike in the woods. Some already attached. Since I have switched to the new K9 Advantix II, I very seldom find a tick attached to my dogs. I highly recommend this product and my dogs never had fleas or mosquito bites. This is the best product currently on the market.

Works, but expensive and greasy

This stuff works, but makes both my beagles coats very greasy for a few days. It's also very expensive (though Amazon's price is among the cheapest I've seen). We only apply in the warmest months and it's kept us flea-free for a three years now and while we'll occasionally come home with a tick we haven't had any stick around for long.

no more,no more,no more

my two dogs, ruby & buddy have been using this product for over 2 yrs. unbelievable, no more ticks, no more fleas, and yes, no more horseflies,etc. as soon as you put this on, it seems like our dogs are smiling all the time. if your dogs are having problems with all of the above, i suggest you try this particular product. oh, and make sure you go by body weight, very important.

fleas and ticks in Ky

The product works well on both fleas and ticks. Any ticks on the dogs fall off. The only problem that we can see is that the fleas and ticks are so bad again this year in our area that the product doesn't last all month. Seems like after about 2 1/2 weeks it isn't working as well. I will check with my vet to see if it can be applied more than once a month and not danger the dogs.....

Worked good for a week

Moved to an area with lots of ticks, so we switched from Frontline to Advantix (VET Said wouldnt be a prob but he doesnt sale bc he didnt move enough volume). Murphy my Beagle had been picking up fleas from the neighbors dog once the frontline wore off, after applying the K9 we had no problems for the first week. I noticed he was scratching and sure enough fleas again. I just gave him a dose less than 2 weeks ago. So now I have to contemplate giving him a double dose, or cutting my losses. Sucks to lose your hard earned money on something that doesnt help your best friend. Save yourself a headache and dont waste your money, time, or pets health on this product. BTW I'm not sure if my doses are expired bc Bayer puts Lot codes on without exp dates. Undoubtedly to help move product that goes stale (Which should be illegal all things that expire need a date), Ill be calling tomorrow to get the manufacturing date of mine. STAY AWAY FROM THIS INEFFECTUAL PRODUCT, unless you feel okay giving it every other week and dont mind the discomfort to your pet .

Saved our dog

We had hit a brick wall with Frontline and Advantage. Neither worked anymore, and our dog is allergic to fleas and so had an awful case of dermatitis. Our only choice the last year was to put her on steroids, so that it wasn't complete torture. The fleas were still everywhere on her, and she gained 20 pounds, and her skin was in just horrible condiiton from all of the bites. I am sure she had to have been anemic. She really was literally dying. I had never heard much about K9, but I had nothing to lose. It was magic - 3 days later - nothing, not one flea. We are SOOOO grateful. She is a different dog. So, lesson is - dont give up if one or even two products dont work - try a third!

UPDATE: It has now been over 3 months in 90 degree heat & humidity with no reapplication, and I have not seen a single flea. This product is well worth the additional cost over other flea remedies.