Usage Information

Application Instructions: Apply the entire contents of the tube evenly to four to six spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail. Monthly application.


Length of Effectiveness: Under normal conditions, the product is effective for a month. However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every seven (7) days. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule.

Keep out of reach of children!

CAUTION: See back panel for First Aid. For Directions for Use, and Storage and Disposal, see supplemental labeling inside.


Active Ingredients % By Weight
Imidacloprid 8.80%
Permethrin 44.00%
Pyriproxyfen 0.44%
Other Ingredients 46.76%
Total 100.0%